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Readers Respond: Did You Have Pelvic Pain or Endometriosis Before Your Celiac Diagnosis?

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Updated January 19, 2011

Many women with celiac disease report that they also have suffered from chronic pelvic pain, extremely painful periods and endometriosis. Although research is scanty, there appears to be a connection between these gynecological problems and celiac — and in many cases, the gluten-free diet helps to improve or even eliminate symptoms.

Did adopting the gluten-free diet help you with pelvic pain, extremely painful periods or endometriosis? Tell your story below.


Years of painful periods that made me vomit for a week at a time. The doctors gave me antacids and tried to get me to spend $5,000 to put a scope down my throat. I could not travel with family because I have to smoke to eat. Then one day my boyfriend bought me a g-free book, and I have not had a event since. Today I started my period, didn't even feel it coming on, and the best part is I'm not lying in bed shaking and sweating from the pain wondering if I should go to the ER or not and treated like a drug addict.
—Guest tike


I had endometriosis, and had a total hysterectomy at age 28. My pelvic region was destroyed by the disease. I continued to have pain afterwards, and the Drs. said it all could not be removed so I could not take estrogen or any other hormonal treatment as the pain would be worse. lost my gall bladder six years ago, and was diagnosed with celiac but did not know what it was and ignored it. six months figured it out and have been gluten free. I noticed now I do not have the pain anymore.
—Guest anynomos

More than a coincidence

I have endo and after my second surgery a naturopath told me to avoid wheat and dairy. I dabbled with eliminating them but really noticed a change when I cut out wheat. I've recently been diagnosed as celiac. So I'm now gluten free and finally pregnant!
—Guest Teak


I struggled with horrible pain for years before realizing the endometriosis-wheat connection. I had multiple surgeries to remove endometriosis but after the endo was removed, the pain would just come right back. Doctors were completely ignorant of the wheat-endo pain link and misdiagnosed me with other conditions on top of the endo to try to explain the continuing pain, and prescribed numerous painkillers (which did nothing to help). I stopped eating wheat and dairy as well (the wheat is the major culprit however). Since eliminating these foods I have been fine and pain free.
—Guest cora23
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