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Readers Respond: What Were Your Main Celiac Disease Symptoms?

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Updated January 16, 2012

From the article: Celiac Disease Symptoms

Although diarrhea, fatigue and abdominal pain remain the most common celiac disease symptoms, the condition actually has more than 100 potential symptoms and associated medical conditions, some very common and some quite unusual.

In addition, it's not at all uncommon to have minor health complaints clear up once you go gluten-free. For example, when I started the diet, my lifelong, seriously annoying dandruff suddenly disappeared, my gums quit bleeding and my cuticles stopped peeling.

What were your main celiac symptoms? Also, what minor health complaints surprised you by disappearing on the gluten-free diet?

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Guese Kay

In reply to blisters and itching. I had this problem for years and could never find the cure. Toes used to itch until I scratched them till they bled. Finally after 30 years I found not so much a cure as an abstinance of sugary drinks whether Coke. Lemonade. orange juice or diluted drinks like cordial (25 to 35 mg) of sugar is not unusual Oh! and Don't get the idea that because it is dilute its OK. Baiscally avoid sudden overdoses of sugar some bodies can't cope and have to get rid of it somewhere. In my case it was either blisters on the foot or worse, extreme itching between the toes. Scratch them raw with a scrubbing brush yes that's right. I Controlled my sugar in take used minimal sweeteners but beware the so called natural sweeteners they're not always what you think. Mostly the sugar intake and its rapid absorption seems the problem and seem to apply mostly to liquid drinks. Now No more itching unless I mess up. Hope this helps someone.
—Guest Dennis Newland


I am 46 now and I had a chronic issue with sinus. When I was 39 I had my gallbladder removed. At age 41 I was diagnosed with a hydrocele surgery to drain the water. At age 42 I had to relocate and this brought a lot of stress to me and my family. In 2009 I pulled a muscle in my back and was referred to a chiropractor. During my visit he told me he would like to get a blood test but I declined at that time. I continued to have back issues so I continued to use him. In 2012 my wife ask me to start using her dentist. After an exam the results show a little bit of tissue in my throat that my be causing me to snore and they recommend I see a sleep doctor, I did. After the exam the Dr told me to set a time for the sleep study, I did but the snoring stopped so I cancelled. I 2013 I started having sleeping issues again. I had an urgent need to urinate and noticed my skin getting flaky and dry. Shortly there after I noticed my right leg would have a depression left in it every time
—Guest tc

Possible celiac?

Since November I've had swollen inguinal lymph nodes, constipation, rashes on my arm, acid reflux, dandruff, depression, and a very bloated stomach after eating. I had a blood test in February 2013 and was told I do not have celiac's disease. My dad and sister, however, both have it. I'm so torn on what's going on. Maybe just a gluten sensitivity?
—Guest Ryan

Do I have celiac?

I am 23 years old. I can remember having many stomach problems as a child. My mother said when I was 3 years old I would scream and cry and say my tummy hurt and it would be so bloated. Finally at the age of 5 the doctors told my mom I was just very constipated. I started taking laxitives and what not didnt seem to help much and I have to take a lot for it to work. I have blood tests done for cilacs because my mother and sister have it but it came out negative. I am gassy, bloated, depressed, cant sleep, irritable, ecsema, over weight, stomach pains right after I eat, AWFUL memory, tired, and back pain. i need help! im too young for this! IS IT CILAC YOU THINK?!


Since I was a little girl I've had many of the symptoms but was never tested for Celiacs. As far as I know there is no one in the family with the condition. At age 23 I was diagnosed with gastric reflux, IBS, acne/rosacea and chronic migraine headaches. I lost a lot of weight... I suffered from chronic constipation since I was a little girl. By age 32 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, insomnia, depression and vitamin D deficiency. I've been through so many different treatments for all of the above mentioned conditions and nothing would help. Then at the age of 35 I developed this massive rash all over my body. I ended up going to an allergist who ran all kinds of tests, one of them showed a severe sensitivity to gluten, that's when she decided to test me for celiac, and I finally received a single diagnosis for all of my ailments. I was freaky starting to think that it was all in my head. After being diagnosed I went on a gluten free diet and all of my symptoms went away within 7 days
—Guest Vanessa B.

Only just found out!

Hi everyone Good to read your stories makes me feel like not alone. I have suffered from lots of symptoms for years and gone to the doctors for years for separate symptoms and nobody knew what was wrong with me, i am 23 years old and have only just worked out i am celiac, i am on a gluten free diet and all my symptoms have gone. Problem is doctors want me to eat gluten to get a proper diagnosis but i refuse as i only need to eat the smallest amount and all my symptoms come back for days! My symptoms , abdominal pains, swollen glands, extreme tiredness, symmetrical rash on body massive lumpy rash which starts on my index finger. Teeth problems and ulcers in mouth. Migraines I go through stages of feeling depressed. I also have just started getting symptoms of raynards and strange tastes in my mouth all the time. Anyone relate?
—Guest Lucy

I thought it was normal to be that way

Despite my Mother and Aunt both being diagnosed with celiac disease it was never considered that I might have it. I always had loose stools, was anemic, often had painful bloating and frequent gastric flu with intense pain. At one point I even saw a specialist and had a barium X-ray as I was regularly getting gastric flu for a week and not able to have anything but water. It would leave me weak with a tenderness down my right side under my ribs. He didn't ask my history, found nothing and put it down to stress. Later I thought it was IBS or parasites. It wasn't until an Ayurvedic doctor picked up on it that I requested a test from my doctor. My result was off the charts as my body was in such a strong reaction to gluten.
—Guest S-BC


I've been burning in stomach.really bad.my.mid back hurts really bad.really bad drymonth.and really bad.neckpain.also constapation.with bad hemmorrds.I have fibermal.and low vit d. Also low blood pressure.hopefully I get help sufferd long
—Guest amy

Stomach ache

No matter how much medicine i took and go to hospital,nth is happening too me and its has been 2 month suffering,plz doctor help?
—Guest Passang dorji

You went to school to be a Dr...

I'm 45 and for the past 30 years I've been clinically diagnosed- Intestinal difficulties: IBS, "spastic colon", Constipation. Thyroid: Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Mental/head issues: ADD, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Migraines. Malnutrition: Liver deficiency, Iron deficiency/ anemia. Nerve: Peripheral neuropathy. Skin Problems: Dry skin/Exema, Cold Sores/Mouth sores, Impetigo, Pallor, Easy bruising, Hives. Epistaxis (nose bleeds) Fatigue or general weakness: Fluid retention, Joint/muscle pains & ache, Muscle cramps & weakness, Muscle wasting, fatigue, overall not feeling well & the natural result of those naturally concludes with Irritability (& frustration). It was the Dermatitis Herpetiformis, & "brain fog" that lead me to Google... Blogs claimed Gluten. I took myself off & after a tragic "gluten withdrawal" I refuse to eat it for a "proper diagnosis". I know this is it & I hope my endocrinologist can offer other tests to prove my conclusion.
—Guest Goo

Had enough of this

Treated for anxiety depression acid reflux headach and es bloating for 15 years did my own research and discovered celiacs. Went to these and they said no way! I told them to send me to a specialist and they did, only for the specialist to say the same thing! I demanded they test me anyway and it came back positive. Lol what a joke. I am also allergic to fresh peaches tree nuts and now possibly corn! Since going gluten free my symptoms are a distant memory(until of course I get glutened) if I eat corn I exhibit the same symptoms that I do when I eat gluten! I have also lost over 85 pounds since gluten free( lost it the first 8 months) prior to going gluten free I tried everything to lose weight with no success of more then 10 pounds or so. Are food is killing us people. We need to stop the madness!
—Guest Jen

in mid diagnostic

im 32 and gained a lot of weight like 129 lbs in 6-8 months, my body always hurts, im cold my vitamin b and d are very very low and my iron is so low I am schedualed for Fareheam Infusions. my thyroid deisease is active and I have always had hair long as below my butt to the back of my legs and now it breaks and is brittle and down to the top of my butt. I have weird sleep patterns, my lower back constantly hurts and I have to get all this better before the onocolgist will release me for my gastric bypass. he fears celiac disease is the main cause of my weight , loss of hair and skin color , as well as my appearance. he says I look like a person with this disease. till then I didn't know or realize I even look sick. I swell to the point I can't wear shoes and have been reduced to sweat pants and no job. I fell like a trashy, lazy bum.

Not Celiac but my Arthritis cleared

Had AS (ankylosing spondylitis) from age 19 - went GF (incl corn!) at age 27 - huge change in my health and energy - now 47 so a veteran GF - gave up beer, whisky, less sugar. Remember that other dietary lectins cross react - so corn and dairy can be a problem for our confused immune systems.
—Guest Sean

gluten kills my guts and cant sleep

gut cramps gas bloating constipation that will not resolve. this prevents me from sleeping and its hit me right now. i always fear for my life when i get like this and i feel like i will never get to sleep again :( repeat er trips never result in any help. last time they prescribed me benedryl. heartless idiots.
—Guest syn

What a relief!

Low potassium, ataxia, stomach bloating, skin issues including rashes, hard red bumps , and the callous I had on my palms and soles totally disappeared. It was like baby skin and very painful for walking or writing. Did anyone else have this problem? When I had my fingerprints taken for work, it took them 45 minutes to do because my skin was so soft they wouldn`t record. The poor technicians told me they had never seen anything like that before. I felt like I was walking and talking through water. Did anyone else have that sensation? I was almost 51 years old when I saw a picture of the rash that was on my right instep on Dr. Oz`program about celiac disease. I had my gallbladder out a few years before and had since had a lot of diarrhea, but that seemed typical. I started a glutenfree diet the next day. My eyes felt moist 2 days later, my palms started having texture after a week, and my potassium level was normal when I saw my doctor 2 months later. My rashes are gone and I feel OK
—Guest Noel rink

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What Were Your Main Celiac Disease Symptoms?

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