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Readers Respond: Have You Added Distilled Grain Alcohols to Your Gluten-Free Diet?

Responses: 8


Updated November 22, 2009

Experts now say distilled grain alcohols (e.g., vodka, whiskey, rye whiskey, scotch) are gluten-free. If you have celiac disease, did this news influence your behavior? If you have added distilled grain alcohols to your diet, what has your experience been like?

For more about current opinion on this topic, see Gluten-Free Alcohol.

Please remember! Suggestions from others can be helpful, but comments from readers are not double-checked for accuracy. Make sure to research any suggestions before putting them to use, and always double-check the gluten-free status of any recommended product.

Just say no...

Every gluten intolerant and/or person that I have dealt with over the years, including myself, has had bad reactions to grain alcohol.
—Guest GlutenFreeRN

Had problems as well

I am not confirmed as celiac, but am definitely gluten intolerant. Every time I drink even a small amount of vodka or beer, I get my usual symptoms, generally even faster than if I had eaten something I knew was directly contaminated (ie. something that was lightly floured, etc). I stick to rum, tequila and gin as well.
—Guest picimadar

grain alcohol = bad for me

My attempts to drink single malt scotch, gin or grain based vodka have all been met with celiac symptoms.
—Guest celiac girl

gin doesn't work for me

Drank gin. I ended up in a hospital emergency room. IV for dehydration from being nauseated with diarrhea; Morphine for pain
—Guest sunnyboy

Don't trust it

I understand it may be ok, but I had a sip of a vodka tonic and I did not feel well. I got that instant gurgle like I had cross contamination instantly. I stick to rum, gin or tequila. I've heard the flavored vodkas are the worst.
—Guest Ashleigh


In low doses they are okay sometimes but that's not really safe is it. I've gotten sick regardless if it's distilled grains. They are not safe in my book!

I don't believe them

I got sick from grain vodka and gin. I now only drink potato vodka, rums, and wine and feel fine.
—Guest Ppper

We got sick

I understand gluten grain alcohols are 'supposed' to be safe for celiacs----but I don't know of any of my celiac friends, including my husband and myself, who has been able to drink these alcohols without having a 'Typical Gluten Reaction'---i.e. terrible cramps and diarrhea. Sorry experts!!

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