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Readers Respond: How Do You Stay Gluten-Free at Thanksgiving?

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Updated October 20, 2010

Remaining gluten-free at Thanksgiving can be difficult, especially if you're sharing Thanksgiving dinner with gluten-consuming relatives and friends and the Thanksgiving dinner table is loaded down with gluten-containing foods. How do you avoid getting glutened at Thanksgiving? Share Your Answer

gluten free not allowed!

This is my Dad's first year on a gluten free diet, and my mother has REFUSED to make any gluten free allowances. I have to go to a friends' house to make stuffing and gravy. To top it all off, she refuses to not stuff the turkey with regular stuffing. So- poor Dad can't even eat the turkey! Don't you love the holidays?
—Guest vanity0592

I'm thankful for my sister's family

I had Thanksgiving with my sister's in-laws. Everyone asked lots of questions to be sure what they were making would be gluten-free. I made the dressing with Bob's Red Mill corn bread mix and everyone loved it just as much as my old gluten dressing. I had my own gluten-free rolls, and made gluten-free brownies with peanut butter M&Ms and everyone loved them too!
—Guest Barbie

Gluten free stuffing

I use gluten free white bread and gluten free sausage. Tastes like regular gluten stuffing.
—Guest Lou

Gluten-Free at Thanksgiving

I found a recipe for cornbread stuffing with sausage at Allrecipes.com. I also searched for gluten-free cookies and came up with several ideas. We'll see. This is new to me.
—Guest Dweebee


My mother and I go out to a local restaurant that offers a gluten-free menu. That way, we can visit without the hassle of cooking, and we know that I am safe.
—Guest Hillary

Staying Healthy

I hasn't been that long since diagnosis so we've been cooking for ourselves so far. If we go out, we bring our own food. The important part is the socializing, not the eating.

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How Do You Stay Gluten-Free at Thanksgiving?

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