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Readers Respond: Gluten Sensitivity Diagnosis

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Updated February 15, 2012

From the article: Gluten Sensitivity

Many people are diagnosed with gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity after all testing for celiac disease proves negative. In some cases, positive results on some less specific celiac disease blood tests can spur a doctor to provide a diagnosis of gluten intolerance, even though that diagnosis is not accepted by many physicians.

In other cases, people may diagnose themselves based on response to the gluten-free diet, or receive a diagnosis through Enterolab, which tests your stool for antibodies for gluten.

How were you diagnosed with gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity? How long did it take? Tell your story.

GF resolved narcolepsy and epilepsy

diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy and narcolepsy when i was 17. went gluten free three years ago and haven't had seizures since, & i don't have to take insane amounts of stimulants to function anymore. also, i don't get cystic acne anymore. i can always tell if i've accidentally eaten something with gluten because i won't be able to wake up, my stomach cramps something awful, and the acne comes back within 12 hours. saw dozens of doctors when i was 16-20, had a bajillion tests done, & none of them even mentioned that gluten might be a culprit. i only figured it out when i realised that some foods made me sleepier than others. not needing to take a ton of medications to function is awesome.
—Guest khs

What happened?

I was diagnosed with Celiacs 3 years ago. I can tell you I have had two blackouts when I accidentally drank alcohol containing gluten. I drank two drinks and lost half the night. It was scary the next day and thought possibly I was drugged but then a year and a half later it happened again. Now I am super cautious!
—Guest grainalcoholblackout

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