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Readers Respond: What is Your Favorite Gluten-Free Beer?

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Updated November 22, 2009

Have you had a chance to try some gluten-free beer? Did you like it? Share your gluten-free beer experiences and advice here.

Please remember! Suggestions from others can be helpful, but comments from readers are not double-checked for accuracy. Make sure to research any suggestions before putting them to use, and always double-check the gluten-free status of any recommended product.

which do I like

Well, I've tried the RedBridge, and it's OK. I guess it's an alternative, but not my favorite. I'm still searching for a good one. Looks like I'm going to try Sprecher. But I like that at least RedBridge is available almost everywhere now.
—Guest Josh

Green's tripel

I love Green's Triple Blonde Ale!! It actually tastes like beer is supposed to and doesn't have that funny aftertaste to me!
—Guest Chris

GF chestnut beer

About 4 years ago I started developing a GF beer using 100% dried, chipped and roasted chestnuts as a base for beer. Depending on roast of chips I have made every thing from a pale ale to a dark rich ale and those in between. Go to Google and and enter Gluten Free Chestnut Beer and you'll find numerous sites and forums. Rex Halfpeeny who publishes the Michigan Beer Guide said "it was the beer like gluten free beer I have ever tasted" It's not produced commercially but many home brewers are producing it for home use. Lee Williams www.chestnuttrails.com
—Guest Lee Williams

Try it with Lime!

Redbridge is my fave, but it's probably because it's the only thing we can find :) I love it with a lime, it makes me feel like I am drinking a Corona! Yummmmo!
—Guest Brooke

Favorite Gluten-free beer

I enjoy Redbridge - tastes like my former brand of regular beer. Have tried New Grist - hard to locate in my town - not bad in taste. Have not located other brands around here, though would like to try some.


Redbridge is an excellent choice for gluten free beers. It rivals the best in gluten containing varieties.
—Guest guteno

very good GF beer

I've had a few different GF beers, usually with great disappointment. But Red Bridge is a really good beer. I would drink it even if I didn't have Celiac Disease
—Guest red bridge

The search can be worthwile

I haven't had St. Peters Sorghum Beer, but am picking up some today. I have had several others. My favorites are hard to find, but pretty darn good for GF. Sprecher makes two seasonal GF beers that are my favorites: Mbege and Shakparo. Green's Quest, Amber, and Endeavor are next, in that order, but more expensive. New Grist is readily available locally, which I'm thrilled about, and comes in next with Bards. As other have noted, Redbridge really is the last. Still, I'm very thankful that a major brewer has taken on the task of making and marketing a GF beer. I just wish the creativity of Sprecher was found in a major brewer. Maybe some day.
—Guest Bruce

Best GF beers

Greens Discovery Amber is the best, then Bards, or New Grist. I personally do not like Red Bridge as much, but the others are harder to find. Usually Whole Foods, or Bev Mo will have them.
—Guest guest

Forever GF

I have had good luck ordering through Internet Wines and Spirits in St. Louis. Call toll free 877-624-1982. The shipping is high but they carry a beer called New Grist and also Redbridge, which I can buy locally now. Some of you may want to give them a try. Good Luck! Rick
—Guest Rick Ingraham

Redbridge in Publix

I was just diagnosed after 12 years of anemia and I feel great. Happy to see Publix carries Redbridge...all in all its not bad. Does the Ale House carry any GF beers?
—Guest Mike

Bard's Tale

I've tried two gluten free beers so far, Bard's Tale and Redbridge, both of which we reviewed at thebrewclub.com Personally, I think they are both decent beers in their own right, but the Bard's Tale is much better overall.
—Guest TheBrewClub

GF Beer

I live in Florida and about the only GF beer around in Redbridge. At first it wasn't my favorite but I have grown to love it and it is easy to find which is a huge plus.
—Guest Stephen


I used to drink Amstel Light before my diagnosis. I now drink Redbridge and feel that they taste pretty similar. Redbridge is an amber brew with a nice smooth taste and unlike Wheat/Barley beers, Sorghum doesn't leave that funky aftertaste. Its delish!
—Guest NwYrkGrrl

favorite beer

I prefer Red Bridge by Anheuser Busch..it tastes good ..of course more expensive than non gluten free beer..but then again everything gluten free is more expensive than the non gluten free counter part..it would be nice to see some restaurants carry gluten free beer...
—Guest Robin Gehlsen

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