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Readers Respond: What is Your Favorite Gluten-Free Beer?

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Updated November 22, 2009

New GF Beer

I just read about a new GF beer in Easy Eats called St. Peter's Sorghum Beer. It is a light English ale with a pilsner-style finish and a citrus aroma. It is available through EuroBrew (www.eurobrews.com), a specialty importer of beer based in Boston.
—Guest JenniferGlutenFree

Green's Discovery Amber Ale

I used to prefer the darker beers. I've sampled a few of the gluten-free beers and my favorite so far is Green's Discovery amber ale, which I can buy in Whole Foods.
—Guest Rae

GF Beer

Before I went gluten free, I never really drank beer becuase it made me feel really sick... so beer is one of the things I don't really miss! I do however like Woodchuck Cider... comes in a 6-pack like beer, and is a great beverage for a hot summer afternoon. It is also a good alternative to a glass of wine. Just had to share! =) Be Free! Kathleen

La messagere

Qc brewed beer. They have a pale ale and a red one. The red is my fav. Even my beer snob husband said it was ok!
—Guest Andree (EverydayGF)

gluten free beer

I have been GF since '04 and really missed beer on hot sunny days after doing yard work. I tried the Redbridge from Budweiser last summer, it didn't live up to my memories of the Canadian beers I grew up with, but it was nice to have the option to find that out and I could get it right up the street.
—Guest DrCDoherty

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