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Readers Respond: Do You Eat at Fast Food Restaurants with Gluten-Free Options?

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Updated January 09, 2011

With the growing popularity of the gluten-free diet, many fast food restaurants have developed gluten-free menus or offer gluten-free options. Still, the risk of cross contamination remains high, and many people in the celiac and gluten intolerant community steer clear of fast food restaurants. Do you eat at fast food restaurants? If so, where? How have you made it work for you? Share your story. Share Your Story

Wendy's salads

Wendy's salads have always been a choice we could rely on when traveling with my son who has celiac. They have changed the menu and now the salads have a warning by them indicating that the chicken could be cut on common cutting boards. I assume that means that the salads are no longer safe, but this article was updated only 4 days ago and it still claims that the salads are safe. Does anyone know if the salads are safe or not?
—Guest Liz


I have witnessed the server drag the spoon for the rice over a flour tortilla then make an attempt to prepare our gluten free meal. I also witnessed Chipotle employee dump rice from a previously prepared flour tortilla into the rice container thereby contaminating the whole batch. A word to the wise; STAY AWAY FROM CHIPOTLES is you want gluten free meals. Their staff are not properly trained in the proper protocol when it comes to food allergies. STAY CLEAR of CHIPOTLES.
—Guest S.D.D

Hotheads, Moes and Pizza Joes

First, I have never had a problem with McDonald's fries at any of many locations. As for Chipotle rivals Moes and Hotheads just ask for a bowl and clean gloves and stay away from the obvious. If you have a Pizza Joe's their gf pizza is excellent and you can buy crusts for use with your own toppings recipe at home
—Guest Chet


I have a severe wheat allergy and mcdonald's fries even one or two will cause me to cough uncontrollably and itch all over.
—Guest kaye

McDonalds Fries

Everytime I see something on the internet about whether McDonalds fries are gluten free or not they always discuss the oil. If you read their ingredient list the fries are soaked in milk and beef broth. They list ingredients in the broth-it has malt barley so they are not gluten free.
—Guest Tammy Jones


Tokyo joes is my favorite gluten free place to eat on the run. They are in or near many malls. I love chick fil a also!
—Guest susan

TACO BELL does offer GF choices!

Taco Bell will put steak in a hard shell (GF), also the cantina bowls and tostada are good GF choices. The taco sauces except for the Fire Sauce (the soy sauce is made with wheat - almost all soy sauces do).
—Guest Susano

Red robin

The waitstaff was trained to know what I could and could not eat. They fried my chips separately and did not season. I think their seasoning contains gluten. Also the GF bun was impressive. They're the most accommodating restaurant I've been to so far.
—Guest Avrose

Tiff' Burgers and Five Guys

I ate in Tiff's Burgers in NJ, and they had an awesome gluten free bun! Also had black bean burgers but am not sure they are gf. Also Five Guys Fries and Burgers will make a burger with no bun, and they ask if it is allergy and they are super careful, change gloves, pack in separate bag, they researched it well!
—Guest Oliveoyl

McDonalds Fries Reaction

I recently shared a large fry with my granddaughter & had a severe gluten reaction. I called the next morning & was told the fries & the oil both had wheat derivatives! I won't do that again!
—Guest Deb L.

Wheat allergy

My son has a diagnosed wheat allergy. He ate some McDonald's French fries and got an extreme reaction that resulted in a doctor visit and a prescription for an epi pen.
—Guest Anon

P Randolph

I do not suggest celiacs eat McDonald's fries. I have a severe wheat allergy and I react badly to them.
—Guest P Randolph

Culvers salad worth the wait!

The Avecado Blue salad with grilled chicken and raspberry dressing at Culvers is very good. It takes a very minutes but then you get a very fresh tasting salad with large chunks of chicken, fresh avocado, blue cheese and pecans over leafy greens (not iceberg and not shredded). It's very satisfying. They have several other great options on their menu plus I've found their drive through staff to be the most knowledgeable - by far - when it comes to fast food, gluten free information. I was pleasant surprised and I'm so thrilled to have a Culvers just a few miles from home!
—Guest Tara


None of those burger places really accommodates gluten free diets. If they did they'd carry gluten free buns. The Fatburger by me carries gluten free buns.
—Guest cp


The Blt Cobb salad made me sick. I don't recommend risking the cross contamination.
—Guest Christy

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Do You Eat at Fast Food Restaurants with Gluten-Free Options?

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