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Low-Carb Snacks

Celiac Disease & Gluten Sensitivity: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
The Ultimate List of Gluten-Free Foods
Looking for the ultimate gluten-free food list? I take you through each supermarket aisle to show you exactly what's safe to eat ... and what's not.
9 Surprising Signs You May Have a Gluten Allergy
These nine signs might indicate you have a gluten allergy.
The Ultimate List of Gluten-Free Candy for the...
Here are major manufacturers' gluten-free candy lists as of November 2015, along with links and details of which candies are NOT gluten-free.
Can You Eat Oatmeal if You're Gluten-Free?
Is oatmeal gluten-free or does it have gluten? The answer is complicated. I explain and offer oatmeal that may work for you. (Updated October 2015)
Is Rice Always Gluten-Free? (No, Sometimes It's...
In most cases rice is gluten-free, but not all - some products contain gluten. I list safe rice for the gluten-free diet and which products to avoid.
These 30 Vodka Brands Are Safe If You're...
Can't drink vodka made from gluten grains? These 30 vodka brands, made from corn, potatoes, grapes, sugar cane and even figs, should work for you.
Love Potatoes? Beware of Hidden Gluten in These...
Are potatoes gluten-free or do potatoes contain gluten? It depends on the recipe and the other ingredients used. Learn all the possible pitfalls here.
Printable Gluten-Free Food List
Use this printable list of gluten-free foods as a guide to what's safe -- and what's not -- when you're grocery shopping.
Can I Eat Barley If I'm Gluten-Free?
Is barley safe on the gluten-free diet? What about products made with barley? Learn the basics here.
What Can You Order At Starbucks That's...
Some Starbucks drinks and treats are gluten-free, but most are not! This list will help you stay safely gluten-free in Starbucks.
These 7 Upscale Chocolate Bars Are Safe on the...
Craving gourmet chocolate? Here's a list of gluten-free chocolate bars, along with information on which chocolate bars contain gluten.
How To Make Your Traditional Thanksgiving Meal...
Wondering how to make your holiday favorites gluten-free? Here's how you can make a traditional Thanksgiving dinner gluten-free.
Which Brands of Ham Are Safe When You're...
Some brands of ham are considered safe on the gluten-free diet, while others are not. Here's the list as of March 2015.
Can You Really Find Gluten in Cheese?
Is cheese gluten-free, or does cheese contain gluten? Cheese is usually - but not always - safe on the gluten-free diet.
Which Marshmallow Brands Are Safe When You're...
Learn which brands of marshmallows are gluten-free when you're following the gluten-free diet to treat celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.
Gluten-Free? How to Find Safe Ice Cream at Your...
Looking for gluten-free ice cream at the store? Here's what you need to know to find safe flavors from national brands.
Will Whiskey Make Me Sick If I'm Gluten-Free?
Is whiskey gluten-free? Find out if you can safely include whiskey drinks on your gluten-free diet, and what to do if you're very sensitive to gluten.
On a Gluten-Free Diet? Learn Whether You Can...
Is cornstarch gluten-free or does it contain gluten? It depends on the brand -- some are safe (and some are not) on the gluten-free diet.
Does Your Rash Look Like These 9 Photos? Gluten...
Dermatitis herpetiformis , an itchy, stinging skin condition associated with celiac disease , can be
Is Rye a Safe Option for a Gluten-Free Diet?
Is rye gluten-free? What about rye bread or rye whiskey? Learn what's safe (and what's not) on the gluten-free diet.
Substitute Corn Starch for Flour to Make...
Instead of using flour to thicken soups, sauces, pies, etc., you can easily substitute corn starch for flour and get great results.
Celiac Disease Symptoms You Might Not Realize...
Celiac disease symptoms you may recognize include diarrhea and stomach pain. But did you realize depression, infertility and bad rashes also are signs?
Is Soy Safe for a Gluten-Free Diet?
Is soy gluten-free, or does soy have gluten? Learn what soy products are safe (and what's not) on the gluten-free diet.
Where Can You Find (or Make) Gluten-Free...
Looking for ideas on how to make or buy gluten-free stuffing for Thanksgiving 2015? Here are recipes and resources you can use.
What's Really Involved in Switching to a...
If you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, you need to follow a gluten-free diet. Find out exactly what that means.
The 7 Best Gluten-Free Soy Sauces
Most soy sauce brands contain gluten. If you're avoiding gluten, you obviously need gluten-free soy sauce. Here's a list of brands you can buy.
What Exactly Is Celiac Disease?
What is celiac disease? Learn what causes celiac disease, how to get diagnosed, and how to treat this common -- and under-recognized -- condition.
Can You Safely Eat Couscous When You're...
Learn whether you can safely include couscous on your gluten-free diet, and where you can find gluten-free couscous.
Craving Hot Chocolate? Learn Which Ones Are...
Here's a guide to which hot chocolate and hot cocoa brands are gluten-free and which are not. Happy sipping!
Gluten-Free? Learn Which Foods Have Gluten, So...
What foods have gluten in them? If you're planning to follow a gluten-free diet, you'll need to know the answer to this first.
Know These Symptoms of a Gluten Allergy
What are the symptoms of a gluten allergy? It depends which kind you have. This checklist can help you figure it out.
Is Chocolate Really Gluten-Free?
Is chocolate gluten-free or does it contain gluten? The answer: It depends on the chocolate.
All Hershey's Kisses Are NOT Gluten-Free -...
Are Hershey's kisses gluten-free? Some are safe on the gluten-free diet, but most are not. Learn which ones are safe when you're eating gluten-free.
Are All Corn Flakes Gluten-Free?
Corn itself contains no gluten, but not every brand of corn flakes is gluten-free. Learn what's safe on the gluten-free diet.
The Itchiest Side Effect of Gluten Ever: A Red...
Sometimes referred to as a gluten rash or a celiac disease rash, dermatitis herpetiformis is an itchy and painful skin disease caused by gluten.
Can You Have Wine If You're Gluten-Free?
Is wine gluten-free and suitable for a gluten-free diet? If you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, find out whether you can enjoy wine.
Gluten-Free Sausage Options for Breakfast and...
Looking for gluten-free sausage for breakfast or dinner? Here's what's safe (and what's not) as of February 2015.
What Terms on a Food Label Really Mean 'Gluten'?
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >If you're new
Looking for Gluten-Free Salad Dressing? There...
Looking for gluten-free salad dressing? Here's what's safe and what's not, as of June 2013.
Can You Drink Vodka If You're Gluten-Free? What...
Is all vodka really gluten-free? Many people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity react to gluten-grain-based vodkas. Here are your options.
Watch Out for These Gluten Sensitivity Symptoms
Gluten sensitivity symptoms can include digestive and neurological complaints such as diarrhea and headaches.
14 High-Fiber Foods for Gluten-Free Diets
Most ready-made high-fiber foods contain gluten. Not surprisingly, people on a gluten-free diet tend to eat inadequate amounts of fiber. Here's how to add naturally gluten-free high-fiber foods to your diet.
Are There Really Gluten-Free Options at Fast...
It's possible to eat in a chain fast food restaurant even if you're on the gluten-free diet. Find out which fast food chains have gluten-free options.
Is Bourbon Really Gluten-Free? What Brands Are...
Is bourbon gluten-free? Find out whether bourbon drinks will suit your gluten-free diet, and the alternatives you have if it doesn't work for you.
9 Easy Steps To Kick Gluten To The Curb ......
Want to go gluten-free, but don't know how to start? Here are 9 simple steps to help you ditch gluten and get healthy.
5 Great Options for Gluten-Free Potato Chips
What potato chips are gluten-free? Here's a list of gluten-free potato chips, updated January 2015.
Celiac Disease: A Gluten-Free Shopping List
When you go shopping, take along this list of gluten free food. All items on this list are available in gluten-free forms.
Which Makeup Brands Feature Gluten-Free Options?
Wondering which cosmetic brands carry gluten-free makeup options? Here's what major makeup brands say about their gluten-free status as of May 2014.
How to Order Gluten-Free at a Chinese Restaurant
Figuring out how to find gluten-free food in Chinese restaurants can be tricky, but our tips will help you stay safe.
Is Sugar Always Gluten-Free, or Does It...
Most sugar is gluten-free, but there are still some sugar brands that call for caution on the gluten-free diet.
Think You Have Gluten Sensitivity? Here's What...
If you react to gluten but don't have celiac disease, you may have gluten sensitivity. Here's what we know (and don't know) about this condition.
Gluten-Free Spices, Updated July 2013
Your spices should be gluten-free too if you follow the gluten-free diet. Here's what brands are safe (and which are not).
The Places You Can Find Gluten-Free French Fries
If you want frozen fries at home or safe fries in a restaurant, this will tell you which french fries are gluten-free.
Is Cranberry Sauce ALWAYS Gluten-Free, or Are...
Looking for gluten-free cranberry sauce for the holidays? Here's where to find it ... and when to avoid cranberry sauce entirely.
Is Vinegar REALLY Gluten-Free?
Is vinegar gluten-free? Learn which kinds of vinegar you should include on your gluten-free diet ... and which you may want to avoid.
Gluten-Free? Here's the Best Mayonnaise To Use...
When it comes to eating gluten-free, not all mayonnaise brands are created equal. Here's what's safe (and what may not be).
Are Starbucks' Holiday Drinks Gluten-Free This...
Learn whether you can safely enjoy Starbucks' special holiday coffee drinks if you're gluten-free due to celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.
Celiac Disease Affects Women Differently -...
In women, celiac disease can cause infertility, pregnancy problems, anemia and missing periods, often before the first sign of digestive issues.
Have Liver Disease? Your Real Problem Might Be...
It's common for people with celiac disease to also have liver damage, which can range from fatty liver disease to severe liver failure.
Get the Scoop on Gluten-Free Cereals
Looking for gluten-free cereals? Here's a wide selection to choose from, including lists of kids' cereals, hot cereals, cold options and granola cereals.
The 5 Different Kinds of Gluten Allergies
When you say you have a 'gluten allergy,' just what does that mean, exactly? It usually means one of five things.
Do You Have IBS or a Gluten Sensitivity?
The symptoms of celiac disease, gluten sensitivity and irritable bowel syndrome are very similar. Which do you have?
How Safe Is Corn When You're Gluten-Free?
Is corn gluten-free? Learn what types of corn are safe (and which are not!) when you have celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity.
Craving Bacon? Learn Which Brands Are Gluten-Free
Many brands of bacon are considered safe on the gluten-free diet. Here's what's available, as of August 2015.
Can You Safely Enjoy Gin If You're Gluten-Free?
Is gin gluten-free? Find out whether you can safely add gin to your gluten-free diet, and where to find gin made from potatoes or grapes.
If You're Gluten-Free, Is It Safe To Eat Quinoa?
Is quinoa gluten-free? Yes, pure quinoa is safe on the gluten-free diet, but not everything with quinoa is gluten-free. Here's what you should know.
Which Types of Alcohol Will Fit Best in Your...
There are plenty of gluten-free alcoholic drinks available if you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, even if grain-based alcohol bothers you.
What kinds of flour are gluten-free?
Is flour gluten-free, or does flour contain gluten? The answer depends on the type of flour.
Can You Drink Brandy on Your Gluten-Free Diet?
Is brandy gluten-free? Find out which kinds of brandy or cognac are safe on the gluten-free diet.
Skin Conditions That Might Be a Sign of a...
Celiac disease is associated with multiple itchy, painful skin conditions. Learn if your skin is affected by gluten.
Okay, I'm Gluten-Free - So When Will I Feel...
If you're just starting the gluten-free diet, you're probably wondering how quickly you'll feel better. Here's what you can expect.
5 Gluten-Free Shortcuts To Make Your Thanksgivi...
Many manufacturers offer gluten-free ingredients and foods that can make your gluten-free Thanksgiving meal planning easier.
Gluten-Free Sodas: Which Ones Are Safe?
Which brands of soda are gluten-free, and which are not?
Where to Find Gluten-Free Tortilla Chips
Looking for gluten-free tortilla chips? Here's a list of what products are available as of February 2015.
Which Types and Brands of Mustard Are...
Many mustard brands are gluten-free. Here's what's safe (and what's not) to put on your hot dog.
Are Eggs Always Considered Gluten-Free?
Are eggs gluten-free or do eggs sometimes contain gluten? Here's how to stay safe with eggs on the gluten-free diet.
What Is Gluten and Why Is It So Hard to Avoid?
What is gluten? Why is it so difficult to avoid when you're following a gluten-free diet?
8 Tips for Baking With Gluten-Free Flour
Gluten gives important properties to regular dough, so you can't just eliminate it from a recipe without somehow compensating for it. Here are some basics about flour and gluten, to help you understand how to substitute gluten-free flours for wheat flour.
Gluten-Free and Craving Peanut Butter? Here's...
Looking for gluten-free peanut butter? Here's the list of peanut butter brands that are safe if you follow the gluten-free diet.
What Can You Order At Dunkin' Donuts If You're...
What can you order at Dunkin' Donuts if you follow the gluten-free diet? (Updated March 2014)
The Best Gluten-Free Breads You Can Buy
If you want to buy gluten-free bread, you can find a wide variety of different brands in grocery stores and online. Here's what's available.
Which Chewing Gum Brands and Flavors Are...
If you follow the gluten-free diet and you like to chew gum, you need gluten-free gum. Here's what's available.
7 Types of Gluten-Free Yogurt
Looking for gluten-free yogurt? Here's a list of brands with the straight scoop on what's safe on the gluten-free diet.
How Much Gluten Can Make Me Sick?
How much gluten can make you sick if you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity? The answer may really surprise you.
Gluten-Free Rice Krispies Treats Recipe
Want to make gluten-free Rice Krispies treats? Here's the recipe.
Can Going Gluten-Free Help in the Treatment of...
Eczema has been linked with celiac disease and possibly other forms of gluten allergy. Can following a gluten-free diet help you manage your eczema?
Looking for Gluten-Free Hot Dogs?
Wondering which brands of hot dogs are gluten-free? Here's a comprehensive list of what's safe and what's not.
Is That Coffee You're Drinking Gluten-Free?
Is coffee gluten-free, or does coffee contain gluten? It depends on what type of coffee -- here's what you need to know.
Which Brands of Pain Relievers Are Safe If...
Looking for gluten-free pain relievers? Find out if you can take Tylenol, Excedrin, Aleve or other over-the-counter drugs if you're gluten-free.
Avoiding Gluten? Here's What the Gluten Grains...
The gluten grains are wheat, barley and rye. Learn where to find them and what you need to avoid if you're following the gluten-free diet.
13 Gluten-Free Beer Options
Following a gluten-free diet doesn't mean you need to give up good beer. Here are more than a dozen gluten-free beer brands.
What Exactly Is Farro, and Is It Gluten-Free?
Is farro gluten-free? Learn what farro is made of and whether you can include foods with farro in your gluten-free diet.
Is Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur...
Find out whether Baileys Irish Cream will suit your gluten-free diet, and what you can substitute if it won't work for you.
What Happens When You Get Glutened?
What does it feel like when you get glutened? Learn what symptoms you may get if you have celiac or gluten sensitivity and accidentally eat gluten.
Gluten-Free? Then You Need Gluten-Free Tea -...
Is tea gluten-free, or does tea contain gluten? It is possible for tea to have gluten. Here are the details.
Which Brands of Bottled Juices Are Gluten-Free?
Which brands of bottled juices are gluten-free, and which are not? Updated March 2014.
Should People with Celiac Disease Worry About...
Should I worry about gluten in toothpaste? Find out which manufacturers make gluten-free toothpaste.
Do Your Hair Products Need to Be Gluten-Free?
Looking for gluten-free shampoo? Here's what you need to know about identifying and avoiding gluten in shampoo and other hair products.
Nine Nutrients You May Need To Boost If You're...
If you eat gluten-free, here are nine vitamins and minerals you may need to boost in your diet.
Cheers! Here are 6 Great Gluten-Free Alternativ...
Not wild about gluten-free beer? Here are some gluten-free alternatives to beer, including ciders and other bottled drinks.
What To Replace In Your Newly Gluten-Free Kitchen
Wondering what cooking utensils you need to replace now that you're gluten-free? Here's a comprehensive guide.
Is Orzo Ever Safe If You're Following the...
Learn whether most orzo is safe when you're gluten-free, where you find orzo in foods, and what you can substitute for orzo in your favorite recipes.
How to Make Delicious Gluten-Free Buckwheat...
This easy recipe for gluten free buckwheat pancakes is from Hodgson Mill. Get yourself a box of buckwheat flour and try this recipe!
I Just Went Gluten-Free. What Should I Expect?
Side effects of the gluten-free diet can include changes in your weight and potentially a huge increase in your sensitivity to gluten.
Gluten-Free? Learn Which Brands of Eggnog You...
Is eggnog gluten-free? Learn which brands of eggnog are safest on the gluten-free diet.
Gluten Cross-Contamination Can Nail You Lots of...
Gluten cross-contamination - enough to make you sick - can occur in many different places. Here's a primer to help you avoid the problem.
Eating Gluten-Free? You Can Have Grits ... But...
Are grits gluten-free? Usually, but not always. Learn which types of grits will fit safely into your gluten-free diet.
The Best Gluten-Free Christmas Cookie Recipes
Round-up of the best gluten-free Christmas cookie recipes from around the Internet.
Gluten Ataxia: When Gluten Attacks Your Brain
Gluten ataxia involves progressive balance problems caused by a reaction to the protein gluten. Here's what you need to know.
Is Kahlua REALLY Safe on the Gluten-Free Diet?
Is Kahlua gluten-free? Is the alcohol in it made from gluten grains? Find out if those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity should drink Kahlua.
Eating Gluten-Free? Check Your Cough Drops for...
If you can't have gluten and you've got a cough or sore throat, you need gluten-free cough drops. Here's what's available as of January 2015.
7 Common Questions About Gluten and Grains
Answers to the seven most common questions about gluten and grains, including: What is gluten? Which grains contain gluten? Is spelt gluten-free? Is buckwheat gluten-free? Are oats gluten free?
Is Rum Safe To Drink on the Gluten-Free Diet?
Is rum gluten-free? Find out whether you can include rum - and what kinds of rum - if you follow the gluten-free diet.
What Blood Tests Do You Need To Diagnose Celiac...
Did your doctor order the correct tests to diagnose celiac disease? Here's a list of five most common celiac blood tests, plus others you may need.
Gluten-Free Pie Crust Recipes
A delicious gluten-free pie crust is not hard to make, because pie crusts don't contain lots of gluten to begin with. Here are links to gluten-free pie crust recipes.
Wheat Allergy vs. Gluten Allergy: Which Do You...
What's the difference between a wheat allergy and a gluten allergy? They're actually two very different conditions.
Looking for Gluten-Free Beans? Here Are The...
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Which Brands of Ketchup Are Safe When You're...
Is ketchup gluten-free? It depends on the brand. Learn which ones are safe on the gluten-free diet.
These 17 Popular Chain Restaurants Feature...
If you want to enjoy a gluten-free meal out, these 17 casual dining restaurants all feature gluten-free menus.
These Symptoms Could Mean Your Child Has Celiac...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Your child's doctor
9 Sources of Hidden Gluten - These Can Make You...
What are the top nine foods, products and situations that can trip you up when you're starting the gluten-free diet?
The Best Choices for Gluten-Free Gift Candy Boxes
Some brands of gift candy boxes will suit the gluten-free diet better than others. Find out what's available as of November 2013.
If I'm Eating Gluten-Free, Why Am I Still...
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How Do Doctors Test for Celiac Disease?
There's no one test for celiac disease -- diagnosis involves blood tests and then a biopsy of your small intestine. Here's what you need to know.
Are Wheat Grass & Barley Grass Safe If...
Are wheat grass and barley grass gluten-free? Learn if you can consume wheat grass and barley grass if you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.
Joint Pain: Could It Mean Celiac Disease or...
If you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, it's common for you also to suffer from joint pain. Can a gluten-free diet help improve your pain?
How Does Gluten Affect Your Brain and Nerves?
Gluten can affect your brain and nerves in a variety of ways that range from mere headaches to outright permanent brain and nerve damage.
Gluten-Free Pie Crusts
Looking for gluten-free pie crusts to make your own pie? Here's what's available, both in stores and online.
5 Gluten-Free Candy Canes for the Holidays!
Looking for gluten-free candy canes? Here's a rundown of which of these quintessential holiday candies are gluten-free and which are not.
Can Gluten Hide in Ice Cream? Really?
Ice cream has been one of our go-to treats ever since we began following the gluten-free diet, but, yes, some ice cream does contain gluten.
6 Best Ways To Save Money When You're Eating...
Wondering how to eat gluten-free on a budget? Learn to live a frugal gluten-free lifestyle.
Certified Gluten-Free Products
Manufacturers that cater to the growing gluten-free consumer market increasingly are pursuing gluten-free certification for their products.
Tips for Gluten-Free Dining at Ethnic Restaurants
Here's what you need to know about dining out gluten-free at Thai, Indian, Japanese, Italian and Chinese restaurants.
Do You Have Neuropathy? It May Be Linked with...
Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity both are linked to peripheral neuropathy, or nerve problems. Learn more.
Gluten-Free Vegetarian and Vegan Food List
Are you following a gluten-free vegetarian or vegan diet? Here's a list of foods you CAN eat.
Is There a Relationship Between Anemia and...
Anemia is a very common symptom of celiac disease. Why do anemia and celiac disease so often appear together? First, let’s review some basics about anemia.
My Nachos Need Gluten-Free Salsa - What Can I...
Which brands of salsa are gluten-free? Here's the list, updated as of May 2015.
A List of Celiac-Friendly Restaurant Directories
These directories provide lists of gluten-free restaurants. While by no means exhaustive, the lists can help you find restaurants in your neighborhood that offer gluten-free menus.
Four Things NOT To Do on Thanksgiving If You're...
Gluten-free? You need to avoid these four Thanksgiving mistakes like the plague, or you'll feel like you have the plague in time for Black Friday.
The Best Places to Shop for Gluten-Free Food
Learn where to buy gluten-free food. See which supermarkets and health food stores publish lists of gluten-free products. Find links to mail order companies that send gluten-free products directly to your door.
Gluten-Free Pumpkin Recipes To Try, Enjoy
Here are eight gluten-free pumpkin recipes to try, including low-carb, sugar-free and vegan options for pumpkin pie and more.
Can You Still Drink Tequila If You're...
Is tequila gluten-free? Find out whether you can include drinks made with tequila on your gluten-free diet, and what type of tequila to buy.
Many Barbecue Sauces Are Gluten-Free, But Not...
Many barbecue sauces are gluten-free, but not all! Find out which brands of barbecue sauce you can safely include in your gluten-free diet.
These Gluten-Free Dinner Rolls Will Please Even...
Looking for gluten-free dinner rolls to serve? Here's what's ready to serve as of November 2015, plus some ideas that will help you bake your own.
Celiac Disease Symptoms Are Just, Well,...
Learn which celiac disease symptoms affect men most frequently. (Hint: it's not the symptoms you might think.)
Gluten Sensitivity vs. Celiac Disease: What's...
What's the difference between gluten sensitivity and celiac disease ... and more importantly, how can you tell which one you actually have?
How to Make a Gluten-Free Gingerbread House
Building a gluten-free gingerbread house is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season. Most of these links include recipes for gluten-free gingerbread dough and instructions for putting the house together, but some gluten-free bakers will ship the pre-baked pieces to you, ready for assembly and decorating.
Gluten-Free? Here's What You Can Carry Through...
Gluten-free and traveling by airplane? Here are some foods you can bring through airport security, plus a list of food items you can't carry on.
Could a Gluten-Free Diet Help You Get a Good...
Gluten is associated with sleep problems in people who have celiac disease, and possibly in those who have gluten sensitivity.
5 Tips for Successful Weight Loss by Going...
Wondering how to use the gluten-free diet to lose weight? Here are five tips for gluten-free weight loss success.

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