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The Gluten-Free Diet


If you're starting a gluten-free diet, you're facing a pretty steep learning curve — gluten appears in many, many places, including plenty you wouldn't expect. Here's what you need to know to make your gluten-free transition easier, and to eliminate every last molecule of gluten from your life.
  1. Gluten? What's Gluten?
  2. Starting the Gluten-Free Diet
  3. Equipping Your Gluten-Free Kitchen
  4. Gluten-Free Food Staples
  5. Coping With Glutenings
  6. Gluten-Free Cookbooks
  1. Gluten-Free Recipes
  2. Gluten in Non-Food Items
  3. Socializing Gluten-Free
  4. Dining Out Gluten-Free
  5. Traveling Gluten-Free
  6. Celebrating Holidays Gluten-Free

Gluten? What's Gluten?

Many people start the gluten-free diet without having a clear idea of what "gluten" is and what foods contain it. Here are the basics.

Starting the Gluten-Free Diet

Avoiding gluten is much more complicated than simply steering clear of foods containing wheat, barley and rye. Here's how to launch your new gluten-free life.

Equipping Your Gluten-Free Kitchen

Can you share a kitchen with gluten products? What cookware and utensils do you need to replace? How should you set everything up? We've got the answers!

Gluten-Free Food Staples

Stocking your gluten-free pantry? Here are some food products that would fit in nicely.

Coping With Glutenings

One of the biggest surprises for people new to the gluten-free diet is how much more sensitive to gluten they become. Here's how to cope with the (nearly-inevitable) glutenings.

Gluten-Free Cookbooks

There are plenty of excellent gluten-free cookbooks out there that can help you recreate old favorites or develop new ones. Here's a sampling of what's available.

Gluten-Free Recipes

Looking for great gluten-free recipes to try? Here's a bunch that will please everyone, gluten-free or not!

Gluten in Non-Food Items

Gluten appears in more places than just foods — it's also in medications, toiletries, and even building materials. Here's what you need to know about how to avoid it.

Socializing Gluten-Free

Socializing while sticking to the gluten-free diet is challenging at first, but it gets easier ... I promise!

Dining Out Gluten-Free

Restaurant dining is easier than ever on the gluten-free diet, thanks to awareness of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.

Traveling Gluten-Free

Worried about leaving home? Here's how you can travel anywhere and stay safe on the gluten-free diet.

Celebrating Holidays Gluten-Free

Holidays pose some special challenges on the gluten-free diet. Here's what you need to know.

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