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Gluten-Free Travel

Pack your bags! Here are some practical tips for gluten-free travel if you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

Gluten-Free Restaurant Directories
If you're looking for gluten-free restaurants in a particular area, these lists and directories should provide you with some good options.

What types of gluten-free food will airport security allow in your carry-on?
Rules governing carry-on luggage from the Transportation Security Administration continue to tighten. Here are some gluten-free food suggestions that you can bring through airport security, plus a list of banned items.

Dining Gluten-Free at Ethnic Restaurants
Want to dine out gluten-free at an ethnic restaurant? Here's what you need to know about gluten-free dining at Thai, Indian, Japanese, Italian and Chinese restaurants.

Gluten-Free Pizza Restaurants
Looking for a great gluten-free pizza restaurant? Multiple national and regional restaurant chains offer gluten-free pizza.

Travel on a Gluten-Free Diet
Tips for gluten-free travel: car rides, plane travel, hotels, trips to a foreign country - what to bring, how to plan, where to find help, and more.

Gluten Free Food on Planes - Airline Gluten-Free Food
Which airlines have the best (or worst) gluten-free food? Gluten-free travelers speak out.

Seven Tips For Gluten-Free Road Trips
In many ways, cars are the easiest mode of travel for people on gluten-free diets, because you can bring along supplies and equipment. Here are tips for pleasant gluten-free road trips:

Gluten-Free Airplane Travel
Gluten-free travelers cannot eat regular airline meals, so some advance food preparation is required before traveling on planes.

Staying Gluten-Free in Hotels
If you're on a gluten-free diet, you'll be more comfortable if your hotel room has a cooking area. Here are hotel survival tips for celiacs, whether you'll be in a regular room or a suite with a kitchen.

Gluten-Free in Philadelphia
It's easy to be gluten-free in Philadelphia, "the first gluten-free neighborhood in the U.S." Philadelphia has "the largest organized block of gluten-free dining spots" -- more than 30 restaurants -- "ready to cater to diners with celiac disease."

Gluten-Free in Tampa, Florida
If you'll be doing some gluten-free travel to Tampa for the Super Bowl, here are links to celiac-friendly restaurants and more.

Gluten-Free in Washington, D.C.
If you'll be doing some gluten-free travel to Washington, D.C., here are links to celiac-friendly restaurants, bakeries and more.

Restaurant Cards: Don't Leave Home Without Them
Restaurant Cards describe the gluten-free diet in a variety of languages. They are designed to be carried in a pocket or purse and given to restaurant personnel to help explain the needs of the celiac patron.

Celiac Societies Around the World
Celiac societies around the world -- some with websites in English -- can provide advice for travelers.

Airline Allergy and Special Meal Policies
From About.com's Guide to Food Allergies comes this handy list of U.S. domestic airlines and their special meal policies.

Guidelines for Gluten-Free Safety in Restaurants
For celiacs, eating gluten-free in restaurants can be very difficult. Here are tips for choosing a restaurant, talking to waiters, selecting food from the menu, and staying safely gluten-free.

Directories of Celiac-Friendly Restaurants
Online and printed directories of restaurants offering gluten-free menu items.

Bob and Ruth's Gluten Free Travel and Dining Club
This travel club's upcoming Gluten-Free Getaways include trips to the Caribbean, Tanzania, South America, Alaska, and more. Brochures can be downloaded from the club's website.

Gluten-Free Dining at Disney
Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California can offer dining experiences and vacations that are virtually free of the usual stress involving eating gluten-free. Here are x tips for staying gluten-free at Disney.

Secrets Behind Disney's Meticulously Gluten-Free Food
Disney combines careful planning with careful cooking to make gluten-free food that's extremely safe. Top chef Gary Jones explains how.

Staying with Friends or Family When You're Gluten-Free
When you stay with friends or relatives who are not gluten-free (and you are), you need to be able to use their kitchen safely. Here's how.

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