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Ideas for a Gluten-Free Valentine's Day

How to Make Valentine's Day Special for People with Celiac Disease


Updated February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day is a great time to do something sweet for anyone in your life... not just a sweetheart. Here are plenty of gluten-free Valentine's Day ideas -- for food, gifts, and cheer -- that will make the day special for everyone. Follow the links below to learn about traditional (and not-so-traditional) Valentine's Day gifts and recipes that are especially appropriate for people on gluten-free diets, and also to read some wonderful stories about gifts that don't have a price tag.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for People on Gluten-Free Diets

Candies, chocolates, cheesecakes, cookies... Gluten-free theme items... Books... Gift certificates... Treats for cooks… We have lots of suggestions for gifts a gluten-free recipient would love.

Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipes

These cakes are so simple to make! You don't need to buy one -- just browse through these recipes, find one you like, and whip one up in your kitchen. Your friends will be in awe.

Gluten-Free Red Velvet Cake Recipes

From around the internet I've gathered these 8 different recipes for gluten-free red velvet cakes (and cupcakes). What better time of year than Valentine's Day to try these out?

More Gluten-Free Valentine’s Day Recipes

From About.com's Guide to Gluten-Free Cooking: recipes for Brownie Hearts, LOVE Sugar Cookies, Almond Heart Crisps, Heart-Shaped Snack Crackers, Hugs and Kisses Pepperoni Pizza, and Flourless Chocolate LOVE Cake.

Gluten-Free Valentine’s Day Stories

Often the best gifts are the ones with no price tags, the things our friends and family do for us with love and generosity. Here, people with celiac disease share stories of gestures from dear ones that made the gluten-free diet easier.

Dos and Don'ts For Buying Allergy-Safe Valentine's Chocolates

Allergies to dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, corn, or fruits are all potential roadblocks to giving your sweetheart traditional Valentine's Day candies. Here, from About.com’s Guide to Allergies, are some dos and don'ts to consider when you're shopping for allergy-safe Valentine's chocolates.

Gluten-Free Candy List

Here are links to candy manufacturers that publish lists of their gluten-free candy. You'll be able to find most if not all of these candies in your local supermarkets.

Valentine’s Day Coupon Book

Printable coupons for hugs, stories, special time together, and more. These coupons are from the Guide to Home Schooling, who says they’re for kids. But I think you’ll agree they’re for kids of all ages!

Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Being single shouldn't be a reason to feel blue, and neither should Valentine's Day. Instead of letting this holiday drag you down, remember that a relationship doesn't define who you are. Take a look at these reminders of why and how to celebrate being single with these tips from About.com’s Guide to Dating.
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