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Easy Gluten-Free Winter Party Menus


Updated January 21, 2009

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Gluten-Free Game-Day Snacks & Munchies
Easy Gluten-Free Winter Party Menus

Gluten-Free Chex-Style Snack Mix Recipe by Teri Lee Gruss, About.com's Guide to Gluten-Free Cooking

Photo © Teri Lee Gruss
If you have a bit of time, your guests will love these special snacks:

Gluten Free Chex-Style Snack Mix
This snack mix looks and tastes as good as the original.

Caramel Corn
If you like, use organic popcorn, butter, sugar and agave syrup for an extra special treat.

Gingerbread Caramel Corn
This recipe combines the perfect amount of sugar and gingerbread flavor.

Rosemary Toasted Nuts
You can use any combination of nuts to roast in this delectable recipe.

Low-Carb Pizza Bites
These are like pizza-flavored mini-quiches using pepperoni as the crust in a mini-muffin pan. They also can be made without the pepperoni.

Sugar-Free Candied Peanuts
These peanuts aren't nearly as candy-like as peanut brittle, but they are in the same family.

If you’re not in the mood to fuss or you're not familiar with the dangers of gluten-free food preparation:

  • Buy nuts in a can or jar (make sure any seasonings are glute-free)
  • Pop gluten-free popcorn
  • Offer gluten-free candies
  • Serve some hard cheeses with fruit and/or fresh veggies

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