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Easy Gluten-Free Winter Party Menus


Updated January 21, 2009

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Informal Gluten-Free Party Ideas
Easy Gluten-Free Winter Party Menus
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Winter is a great time to throw a party. Everyone is so grateful for a cheerful break to the dreary weather, and on cold days it's a pleasure to cook and bake and welcome guests to a house full of delicious aromas.

In the next few pages we provide ideas for easy gluten-free recipes for drinks, chips and dips, snacks and munchies, main courses and desserts -- all for informal parties and game-day gatherings. Since not everyone likes to cook or has time to fuss, the menu ideas on each of the following pages are broken into two categories: Recipes for people who want to make the food themselves, and suggestions for those who want to go ready-made all the way.

An important note: If you're a host who's never prepared food for a gluten-free guest, you need to read How to Prepare for a Gluten-Free Guest... and don't be afraid to take our easier suggestions for ready-made gluten-free party food ideas.

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