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Gift Ideas for People on Gluten-Free Diets


Updated March 03, 2010

Gift Ideas for People on Gluten-Free Diets
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If you'd like to sweeten a holiday or a special occasion for someone in your life who is on a gluten-free diet, there are plenty of gift options for you to choose from, as you'll see from the lists below.

Don't forget: You can also give gifts of time and thoughtfulness! For inspiration, see Priceless Gifts for Celiacs.

Candies, Chocolates, Cheesecakes, Gift Baskets

While everyone else is indulging in holiday chocolates, candies, and snacks, make sure your recipient has something sweet to munch on, too. Many vendors offer collections of gluten-free delicacies that you can customize to your needs.

  • Honey Garden Gifts
    Offers a variety of gluten-free cheesecakes and other baked goods.

  • Whole Bakers
    Gluten-Free/Kosher certified baked goods made with all-natural and some organic ingredients.

  • Well Baskets
    Their gluten-free gift baskets have been featured on FOX News and in Better Homes and Gardens.

  • GlutenSmart
    Choose from six different gluten-free gift sets, including kosher options.

  • Vanilla Spoons
    Offers gift baskets brimming with treats, with names such as Close Encounters of the Sweet Kind, Mix and the City, Movie Mania, Mrs. Doubt-That's-Not-Gluten, On the Camp Front, The Graduate, and The Nutty Crunchy Granola Professor.

  • A Bountiful Harvest
    Offers 17 varieties of gluten-free cupcakes (also available sugar-free) and dozens of gluten-free cakes.

  • Curious Cookie
    Offers gluten-free cookies in your choice of chocolate chip, lemon chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip, ginger cranberry, or an assortment of the above.

  • Mariposa
    Offers artisan-crafted gluten-free biscotti, brownies, squares and coffeecakes. Some of their products are also dairy-free.

  • Low Carb Connoisseur
    Offers a basket of products "...to delight anyone on a Gluten-Free/Wheat-Free diet. Includes delicious xylitol sweetened syrups and condiments from Nature's Hollow, Heavenly Dessert Meringues, Jennies Coconut Macaroons, Kitchen Table Baker Gourmet Cheese Thins, and more."

  • Ripe Gifts, UK
    This UK-based company has increased its selection of gluten-free Christmas hampers for this upcoming Christmas period. "There are now four beautifully presented and temptingly-filled gluten-free Christmas hampers to choose from at very reasonable prices of between £42 and £59, all with FREE delivery."

  • Illinois Nut Shop
    Offers gluten-free gift baskets, a flourless chocolate cake, even gluten-free chocolate wedding-cake toppers! Visit the website to scroll through pictures of hundreds of different types of allergen-free candies, including old-fashioned candy sticks.

Gluten-Free Theme Items

In addition to gifts of food, grown-ups and children might enjoy T-shirts, mugs, or bags with gluten-free themes. For babies, there are shirts and hats that warn well-meaning people not to feed them allergen-containing foods.

  • AllergyKidzWare
    This Australian company has a variety of "Allergy Alert" designs and text that can be printed on hats, bibs, and shirts for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. (They'll ship worldwide.)

  • CafePress
    Offers a wide selection of apparel, babywear, housewares, hats, bags, stickers, buttons, magnets, and more -- all with messages about being gluten-free.

  • AllerGators
    Food allergy alert clothing items feature a cute alligator with a stop sign and message: "Stop -- I have food allergies."

  • Blue Bear Aware
    Offers allergy alert clothing and other items -- even "Allergy Alert" party invitations.

Gift Ideas for Cooks

Teri Gruss, About.com's Guide to Gluten-Free Cooking, has gift ideas for a gluten free cook, including time-saving kitchen tools, a great homemade sugar cookie mix, healthy gluten free flours with a beautiful bread pan, or a useful gluten free products gift card.

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