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Create A Gluten-Free Easter Basket!


Updated July 03, 2014

Create a Gluten-Free Easter Basket!
Create A Gluten-Free Easter Basket!
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It's a given that none of the pre-packaged Easter baskets on store shelves are completely (or even mostly) gluten-free. But that shouldn't deter you from presenting the gluten-free child in your life with an Easter basket this year — it's easy to create a gluten-free Easter basket from store-bought gluten-free Easter candy and a few other inexpensive materials.

My daughter and I built the gluten-free Easter basket pictured above for about $20, with plenty of candy left over to go in school lunches and for snacks. Everything in it is Easter-themed, and it's all gluten-free to 20 parts per million.

Here's what you need to build your own gluten-free basket:

• Basket (available at discount stores; we paid $2.50 for ours)
• "Grass" for the basket ($1.50 at the same discount store)
• Dove milk chocolate bunny, 4.5 ounces
• Easter Egg-Shaped Tootsie Pops
• Easter-themed M&Ms in fun-sized packages
• Speck-tacular M&M Eggs (egg-shaped M&Ms)
• Jelly Belly jelly beans, assorted
• Dove milk chocolate foil-wrapped Easter eggs
• Peeps (any color, shape or flavor)

All these candies and confections are listed by their manufacturers as gluten-free (or contain no gluten ingredients and are protected from cross-contamination). However, make sure you double-check labels to be certain. Specifically, Peeps will state "gluten-free" below the ingredients list, and the others will disclose any potential gluten cross-contamination if it's ever an issue.

Enjoy your basket, and Happy Easter!

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