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Triumph Dining's Essential Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide Adds Many Dining Options

Triumph Dining's fifth Essential Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide offers about 1,500 more restaurants than the previous edition, indicating the growing popularity of dining out gluten-free.

Gluten-Free Cupcakes Offers Cupcake Options for Almost Everyone

Gluten-Free Cupcakes, Elana Amsterdam's latest offering in gluten-free baking cookbooks, provides multiple lower-carb, allergen-free options for cupcake making.

Mary's Gone Crackers Introduces Sticks & Twigs

Mary's Gone Crackers produces organic gluten-free crackers in a variety of flavors. At the 2008 Summer Fancy Foods Show, the company won the Gold Award for Outstanding Cracker of 2008. Now Mary's Gone Crackers has launched a new product, Sticks & Twigs.

Bristol Baking Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Hamburger Buns

These delicious gluten-free hamburger buns (hamburger rolls) by Bristol Baking can also be used for sandwiches, toast, French toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, garlic toast, and more.

Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix

Gluten-free pizza made with Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix is vastly better than any gluten-free pizza I've had until now. The dough is easy to prepare, and it yields a crusty, delicious gluten-free pizza.

Gluten-Free Pizza at Uno Chicago Grill

Uno Chicago Grill, a franchise with more than 200 restaurants, offers a wide-ranging menu for people on gluten-free diets. The delicious gluten-free pizza, of course, gets the most attention. Eat in, or take out.

Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic, by Peter H.R. Green MD & Rory Jones

Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic, by Peter H.R. Green, M.D. and Rory Jones is encyclopedic, authoritative, and remarkably easy to read. It should be required reading for patients and their doctors.

LightFull Foods: Satiety Smoothies

Lightfull Satiety Smoothies are a healthy and delicious gluten-free snack that will leave you feel full for hours. They are serious weapon against the urge to snack.

Let's Do... Gluten-Free Ice Cream Cones

Let's Do...Organic has launched its new gluten-free ice cream cones. Now you and your kids can have ice cream in cones again.

The Essential Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide, 3rd Edition (2008-2009)

The Essential Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide, 3rd Edition should really be called "Thousands of Restaurants With Chefs Who Know What Gluten Is, Plus Extensive Lists Of Gluten-Free Menu Items At Chain Restaurants, Plus Tips For Safe Gluten-Free Dining."

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