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Cooking with Gluten-Free Beer

Gluten-Free Beer Soups, Marinades, Dinner Rolls and More


Updated February 21, 2010

Luckily for beer lovers with celiac disease, gluten-free beer is finally a reality! Microbreweries, craft breweries, and major brewers have introduced delicious gluten-free beers made from sorghum, millet, rice and buckwheat.

If you can’t find gluten-free beer in your local store, I’ve got a list of the brewers in North America, Europe and Australia that have gluten-free beers. Many will ship directly to you.

Once you’ve quenched your thirst, try these beer-containing recipes, all from About.com’s food and cooking guides. All the recipes are gluten-free!

Beer Batter Fish Fry

Gluten-free beer batter creates crisp, light and golden fried fish. It makes a delicious gluten-free batter for onion rings and shrimp too! (Note: The list of "Cooking with Beer" recipes continues below the "Sponsored Links.")

Gluten Free Beer-Batter Dinner Rolls

This yeasty gluten free dinner roll recipe is made with gluten free beer which adds extra flavor to this soft, moist-textured roll (also dairy free, corn free and soy free).

Jules' Gluten-Free Chocolate Beer Cake

This recipe for Gluten-Free Chocolate Beer Cake comes courtesy of Jules Shepard, the popular author of Nearly Normal Cooking for Gluten-Free Eating and the founder of Jules' Nearly Normal Kitchen.

Beer Cheese Spread

Serve with gluten-free crackers or give as a gift.

Beer Lovers Grilled Onions

These onions are filled with beer, giving them a unique flavor. You can use cola instead of beer if you would prefer a sweeter flavor or don't want to use alcohol.

Beer-Steamed Shrimp

These can be served hot or cold and are great with cocktail sauce or melted butter.

Maria's Pasta and Eggplant in Beer

Eggplant, peas, and ham are cooked in beer and mixed with penne pasta for a simple, but hearty meal.

Grilled Beer and Molasses Chicken Breasts

You can either use chicken breast or a whole chicken cut up for this recipe.

Beer Brats (Bratwurst)

Don't restrict yourself to bratwurst. Use this method with hot dogs, Italian sausage, knockwurst, or just about any link sausage. (Just make sure they’re gluten free.)

Beer and Ginger Marinade Recipe

Beer, ginger, garlic, olive oil, and orange peel are combined in a flavorful marinade for beef. Goes particularly well with flank steak.

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