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Which Grains are Gluten-Free?

Five Interesting Gluten-Free Grains
Looking for interesting grains to try while eating gluten-free? These five grains offer potential for a variety of different dishes.

Is quinoa gluten-free?
Is quinoa gluten-free? Yes, pure quinoa is safe on the gluten-free diet, but not all products that contain quinoa are gluten-free. Here's what you need to know.

What You Should Know About Gluten-Free Flour Blends
For baking, gluten-free flour blends work better than a gluten-free flour made from a single grain. Commercial gluten-free flour blends are available, but many people prefer to buy the individual flours (you might need to order them by mail) and make their own mix. Here are 5 useful articles that explain how to blend and work with gluten-free flours, from About.com's Gluten-Free Cooking site.

Oats and the Gluten-Free Diet
Can patients with celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis eat oats? Most large celiac organizations and medical centers are advising that limited amounts of oats are probably safe.

Is spelt gluten-free?
Spelt is not gluten-free. It is a species of wheat and is not safe for people with celiac disease or anyone else on a gluten-free diet.

Gluten-Free Flours
Here's a place to start learning about alternatives to wheat. If you're looking for a side dish, think about trying buckwheat or quinoa or brown rice. If you're want to dredge your fish or chicken in flour before baking it, try flour from one of the crops listed below. If you're looking for a substitute for wheat flour, don't forget that you'll need to use a blend of several gluten-free flours.

Buckwheat Is Not Really Wheat, And Its Gluten-Free!
Despite its name, buckwheat is not wheat. Its gluten-free, and its safe for people with celiac disease. Buckwheat and wheat are from completely different botanical families. Buckwheat seeds are technically the fruit of the Fagopyrum esculentum plant.

Grain Guidelines for Celiacs
Grain guidelines for celiac patients, in table form, to print out and take to the grocery store with you.

Is corn gluten-free?
Is corn gluten-free? Learn what types of corn are safe on a diet for celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

Are sprouted grains gluten-free?
Are sprouted grains gluten-free? Find out whether it's safe to eat sprouted grain bread if you have celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

Seven Common Questions about Gluten and Grains
Answers to the seven most common questions about gluten and grains, including: What is gluten? Which grains contain gluten? Is spelt gluten-free? Is buckwheat gluten-free? Are oats gluten free?

Is soy gluten-free, or does soy have gluten?
Is soy gluten-free, or does soy have gluten? Learn what soy products are safe (and what's not) on the gluten-free diet.

Is flour gluten-free, or does flour contain gluten?
Is flour gluten-free, or does flour contain gluten? The answer depends on the type of flour.

Is barley gluten-free, or does barley contain gluten?
Barley is a gluten grain. Can you consume barley, barley malt or barley grass safely on the gluten-free diet?

Is organic wheat gluten-free?
Is organic wheat gluten-free?

Do All Grains Have Gluten? Yes, But Not 'That' Kind
You may have heard some people say all grains contain gluten. That's true, but it's not something you need to worry about. Here's why.

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