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Where to Shop for Gluten-Free Food


Updated May 16, 2014

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Mail Order: Gluten-Free Prepared Foods (North America)

Ready-made gluten-free foods can be kept in the freezer and warmed up when you need something easy and quick to prepare. Many ready-to-eat gluten-free products are available in grocery stores, but if you need to order them by mail, consider some of these.

Dietary Specialities
Dietary Specialties offers such delicacies as gluten-free chicken nuggets, fish sticks, ravioli, and pierogies.

PurFoods Gluten-Free Delivery
Gluten-free meals delivered fresh (not frozen) by Federal Express.

Everybody Eats, Inc.
Everybody Eats is a New York City-based restaurant that specializes in gluten-free cuisine. They deliver in the five boroughs and ship nationwide via Federal Express. They offer gluten-free entrees, breads, pastas, desserts, and sweets. A partial list of their products appears on their website.

Grandma Ferdon's
Grandma Ferdon’s® 100% guaranteed Gluten Free Foods sells its products –- including its “comfort meals” –- through 29 retail locations throughout the Midwest, as well as through its website and its factory outlet store in Hayward, Wisconsin. Grandma Ferdon’s ships nationwide.

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