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Gluten-Free Hot Cereals Fan? You've Got Lots of Options


Updated June 19, 2014

If you enjoy hot cereal in the morning (or any time of day, for that matter), you have plenty of options for gluten-free hot cereals — manufacturers offer a huge variety ranging from instant packets you can mix up anywhere to more traditional porridges you cook on the stove.

Options include plain rice- or corn-based gluten-free hot cereals, or more elaborate fruit flavors sweetened with brown sugar or agave. Most include whole grains.

If you can have gluten-free oatmeal, your selection expands even further. But even if you can't have oats, you still have plenty of choices in gluten-free hot cereals.

Bob's Red Mill

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Bob's Red Mill offers seven different gluten-free hot cereal options, including a couple of organic hot cereals.

If you can't have oats, you can try Creamy Brown Rice Farina, Organic Brown Rice Farina, Organic Creamy Buckwheat and Mighty Tasty GF Hot Cereal. If you can handle oats, then your options also include Bob's Quick Cooking Oats, Rolled Oats and Steel-Cut Oats.

Bob's Red Mill tests for gluten down to below 20 parts per million.

Arrowhead Mills Gluten-Free Hot Cereal

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Arrowhead Mills offers three gluten-free hot cereal options, two of which are organic.

Organic Rice and Shine Hot Cereal is made only with organic brown rice grits, and Organic Yellow Corn Grits Hot Cereal includes only organic yellow corn grits.

The company also makes gluten-free steel cut oats.

Glutenfreeda Foods Instant Oatmeal

Copyright © Glutenfreeda Foods

If you want the convenience of instant oatmeal in a packet, Glutenfreeda Foods makes four different varieties, all with certified gluten-free oats.

You can choose between Natural, Apple Cinnamon with Flax, Maple Raisin with Flax and Banana Maple with Flax, or you can purchase a variety pack with two packets each of the flavored varieties.

Holly's au Natural Gluten-Free Porridge

Copyright © Holly's Gluten-Free

Holly's au Naturel Oatmeal makes two different gluten-free hot cereals: Gluten-Free Oatmeal plus Cranberry Gluten-Free Porridge, which contains quinoa flakes, flax, whole grain brown rice, corn, white sorghum, buckwheat and (of course) cranberries.

Both gluten-free hot cereals use certified gluten-free oats, and both are tested to contain less than 5 parts per million of gluten. Be careful to buy only the blue "gluten-free" boxes.


Eco-Planet Gluten-Free Hot Cereal

Copyright © Eco-Planet

Eco-Planet also offers instant gluten-free hot cereal, which comes in three flavors: Maple and Brown Sugar, Apple and Cinammon and plain original.

All include a blend of certified GF oats, buckwheat, sorghum, brown rice, puffed amaranth, quinoa and millet.

Eco-Planet is certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization, which tests to 10 parts per million of gluten, and all Eco-Planet products are produced in a gluten-free facility.


Amy's Kitchen Gluten-Free Hot Cereal Bowl

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Amy's Kitchen offers a quick gluten-free hot cereal option that comes in its own bowl. Amy's Cream of Rice Hot Cereal Bowl includes organic whole grain brown rice, organic agave and salt, and is tested to contain fewer than 5 parts per million of gluten.

Don't buy Amy's Steel Cut Oats, as they do not come from certified gluten-free oats.

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