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Is tequila gluten-free?


Updated May 23, 2014


Is tequila gluten-free?

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Question: Is tequila gluten-free?


Tequila made in the traditional way entirely from the blue agave plant is naturally gluten-free. However, some cheaper brands of tequila are considered "mixto," or not entirely from the blue agave plant, and these might contain gluten — you'll need to contact the manufacturer to ask.

If the tequila bottle does not state "100% agave," then it's mixto, and contains added sugar and potentially gluten as well.

Realistically, even most cheaper tequilas will not contain gluten. But if you're particularly sensitive to gluten cross-contamination, you may want to stick to the higher quality (and unfortunately more expensive) 100% blue agave tequila — those tequila varieties should be completely gluten-free.

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