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Gluten Ataxia

Gluten ataxia is an autoimmune condition that stems from gluten ingestion. When you have gluten ataxia, gluten can cause your body's disease-fighting white blood cells to attack your cerebellum, resulting in problems with your gait and motor skills. It also can cause eye problems and other symptoms.

Gluten Ataxia Diagnosis
There's no accepted way to get a diagnosis of gluten ataxia, but experts in the rare condition recommend using certain blood tests for celiac disease.

Gluten Ataxia Treatment: The Gluten-Free Diet
In order to treat gluten ataxia, which involves gait, muscular and other neurological problems caused by gluten, you need to maintain an extremely strict gluten-free diet.

Do You Have Gluten Ataxia?
Do you have gluten ataxia or neurological symptoms from celiac disease or gluten sensitivity? Read others' stories and add your own.

What Is Gluten Ataxia?
When you have gluten ataxia, you suffer from progressive balance problems that are caused by a reaction to the protein gluten. Here's what you need to know about gluten ataxia.

Gluten Ataxia Symptoms
Gluten ataxia symptoms include problems with your gait -- typically clumsiness -- and balance issues that can become severe enough for you to need help walking. Symptoms also can include tingling in your extremities.

How many people have gluten ataxia?
It's unclear how many people have gluten ataxia since it's a newly recognized condition. Estimates vary, but it's possible that people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity may suffer from some ataxia symptoms.

The gene HLA-DQ1 has been found in a significant minority of people who have gluten ataxia.

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