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Is freekeh gluten-free?


Updated May 15, 2014

Is freekeh gluten-free?

Is freekeh gluten-free?

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Question: Is freekeh gluten-free?


Freekeh — also called frik or farik — is made from green wheat kernels that are toasted and then cracked.

Since wheat contains gluten (as do the other two gluten grains, barley and rye), freekeh most definitely is not gluten-free.

Many vegetarians and vegans use freekeh as a source of protein in their diets, but it obviously isn't well-suited as a protein source for gluten-free vegetarian or vegan diets.

Therefore, if you're gluten-free and also avoid animal products, you'll need to identify some alternate ways to get your protein. Here's some more information:

Meanwhile, watch out for freekeh in ready-made dishes at your local health food store. It should be clearly called out as wheat (since wheat is one of the top eight allergens), but I've seen it once or twice simply identified as "freekeh." Keep an eye out for it for it in rice pilaf, risotto and soups.


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