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Gluten-Free Sports Drinks

Which Brands of Bottled Sports Drinks Are Gluten-Free?


Updated July 29, 2012

Gluten-Free Sports Drinks
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When you think of sports drinks, you probably think of Gatorade, but there are a variety of different brands and formulations on the market, some gluten-free and some not.

Those sports drinks that are considered safe on the gluten-free diet generally only are tested down to less than 20 parts per million, or ppm, of gluten. Since many of us react to gluten at levels below 20ppm, your mileage may vary on these drinks.

Here's a list of the sports drinks available in the United States, plus what each manufacturer says about gluten:

  • Accelerade. Accelerade, made by PacificHealth Labs, is "a protein-powered sports drink." PacificHealth also makes Endurox, another sports beverage product. Both contain milk and soy, and several products also contain maltodextrin derived from corn. According to the company, "We do not make gluten-free claims on any of our products, because our products are not manufactured on allergen-free production lines."

  • Gatorade. Yes, this ubiquitous sports drink (produced by a division of PepsiCo.) is considered gluten-free to 20ppm. According to the company, "all Gatorade products except for G Series PRO 01 Nutrition Bars and the Energy Bites (PRO and FIT) have no added gluten."

  • G2 sports drinks. These beverages, also produced by PepsiCo., come in 16 different fruit flavors and are essentially a low-calorie version of Gatorade. The company states that G2 beverages contain no gluten ingredients.

  • Powerade. The Coca-Cola Co. makes Powerade. According to Coke's gluten-free list, all flavors of Powerade with ION4 and Powerade Zero with ION4 are gluten-free to 20ppm in the United States. In Canada, the only Powerade flavor on the gluten-free list is Powerade Berry Blitz.

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