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Gluten-Free Almond Milk and Other Nut Milks

These Beverages Are Free of Gluten, Dairy and Soy


Updated June 03, 2014

Almonds and almond milk
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What do you put on your gluten-free cereal if you can't have dairy or soy milk?

For many people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, the answer is almond milk or some other type of nut milk. And fortunately, these nut milks are growing in popularity, so there's a handful now from which we can choose.

Many of the following almond milk and nut milk products are considered to be gluten-free to below 20 parts per million (ppm), or GF-20.

However, even though 20ppm generally is considered the cutoff for a product to be considered legally "gluten-free," many people react to less trace gluten than that — for more information on this, see Why Gluten PPM Numbers Matter.

Here's the list of available gluten-free almond milk and other gluten-free nut milk products:

  • Almond Breeze. This almond milk, from manufacturer Blue Diamond, comes in both refrigerated "milk" cartons and shelf-stable rectangular boxes. Flavors include Original, Unsweetened, Vanilla and Chocolate. Blue Diamond also makes a blend of almond milk and coconut milk in both original and vanilla flavors under the Almond Breeze name. According to Blue Diamond's frequently asked questions, Almond Breeze products do not contain gluten ingredients, but are not tested to see if they meet the GF-20 standard.

  • Almond Dream. Hain Celestial markets Almond Dream alongside Rice Dream, another non-dairy milk-style beverage. Almond Dream, which comes in shelf-stable boxes and is available in Original, Unsweetened Original, Vanilla and Unsweetened Vanilla, is considered gluten-free to GF-20 levels (below 20ppm of gluten in the finished product). It's worth noting that Almond Dream is not manufactured using the same controversial barley-based enzymes as Rice Dream — read more about that in Is Rice Dream Gluten-Free? Hain Celestial also makes three different varieties of Dream Blends: Coconut, Almond and Chia, Coconut, Almond and Chia Unsweetened, and Rice and Quinoa. All are listed as gluten-free (GF-20).

  • Pacific Foods. Pacific makes almond and hazelnut milks that come in shelf-stable boxes. The company's almond milk, which is organic, is available in Original, Unsweetened, Vanilla and Chocolate (you also can buy vanilla and chocolate in single-serve boxes). Hazelnut milk options include Original and Chocolate (the chocolate also comes in single-serve boxes). Pacific Foods also makes hemp milk in Original, Unsweetened Original, Vanilla, Unsweetened Vanilla, and Chocolate. All these products are gluten-free to below 20ppm (GF-20). However, you should be aware that Pacific processes its 7-Grain milk (which includes wheat and barley) along with its oat milk on the same equipment (the machinery is cleaned thoroughly between lines, but many of us still can't tolerate shared facilities or equipment).

  • Silk. Whitewave Foods, the company that revolutionized the soy milk industry, also makes almond milk and coconut milk in refrigerated cartons and shelf-stable unrefrigerated boxes. Flavors include original, vanilla, dark chocolate and unsweetened. Silk considers all of its products gluten-free down to below 20ppm (GF-20) levels, and the company does not produce any gluten-containing products or have a shared facility.

Meanwhile, if you want to try making your own almond milk or other nut milk, here are a couple of good recipes:


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