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Jane Anderson

Celiac Disease December 2012 Archive


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Happy New Year's Eve! What Will You Be Drinking Tonight?

Monday December 31, 2012
Tonight is New Year's Eve, and if you're planning on celebrating, you may be wondering what you can drink that's safely gluten-free. The good news is, there are plenty of ... Read More

Dunkin' Donuts Pilot-Testing New Gluten-Free Donut Options

Sunday December 30, 2012
There's terrific news for those of us who desperately miss excellent, fresh donuts: Dunkin' Donuts is testing gluten-free donut options.     According to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, the products -- ... Read More

How Do You Feel Today?

Wednesday December 26, 2012
Did you get glutened yesterday?       If so, I know just how you feel today -- your stomach and abdomen likely hurt (possibly quite badly), you probably have diarrhea or constipation (maybe ... Read More

Christmas Dinner Safety Reminder: Don't Eat Gluten-Stuffed Turkey!

Monday December 24, 2012
Tomorrow is Christmas, and many families (mine included) serve turkey and pumpkin pie.   To keep yourself safe on the big day (and well enough to enjoy all your great presents!), remember: ... Read More

Celiac Disease Cases Spreading Worldwide Along with Western Diet

Thursday December 20, 2012
As wheat spreads around the world, so does celiac disease.   That's one of the conclusions from a new summary of best practices in diagnosing and treating the condition, written by celiac ... Read More

Gluten-Free Christmas Cookies!

Friday December 14, 2012
    Looking for great gluten-free Christmas cookie recipes? Look no further. We've got gluten-free sugar cookies you can cut out and ice, gingerbread cookies you can make into little gingerbread men, and ... Read More

Do Your Friends and Family Members Think You're Crazy?

Monday December 10, 2012
Like most people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, I'm very, VERY careful about what I eat. Consequently, it's extremely rare for me to sample anyone else's cooking, even if ... Read More

Raise Money for Celiac Research with Controllable Christmas Lights

Friday December 7, 2012
What do you get when you combine three live webcams, more than 20,000 Christmas lights and a bunch of inflatable cartoon characters, all of which you can control from your ... Read More

What To Do About That Office Christmas Party?

Thursday December 6, 2012
This week and next, many of us will have parties we're supposed to attend -- office Christmas parties, holiday parties held by organizations to which we belong, and neighborhood parties.     I ... Read More

Happy Hanukkah!

Thursday December 6, 2012
Hanukkah -- the Jewish Festival of Lights -- starts Saturday at sundown, so many of us will be celebrating with family and friends and enjoying a traditional dinner.  Fortunately, it's ... Read More

How Often Do You Have Symptoms?

Sunday December 2, 2012
How often do you suffer from symptoms of a glutening? Is it never, or constantly, or somewhere in between?   If the response to my recent post on this subject (Study: Gluten ... Read More

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