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Happy New Year's Eve! What Will You Be Drinking Tonight?

By December 31, 2013

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Tonight is New Year's Eve, and if you're planning on celebrating, you may be wondering what you can drink that's safely gluten-free. The good news is, there are plenty of great options, even if you're particularly sensitive.

Let's start with champagne: as a form of sparkling wine, it's generally quite safe on the gluten-free diet (although a very few may find some brands give them problems). Here are the details:

Next we have more serious alcoholic beverages: whiskey, gin, bourbon, rum, vodka and tequila. These are a mixed bag.

Those that are not made from gluten grains (rum, tequila, some vodkas) generally are fine for almost all of us:

Meanwhile, some of us find we can't drink those that are made from gluten grains (whiskey, gin, bourbon and some vodkas). Here are the details for each type of liqueur, plus one or two options for each that are not made from gluten grains:

Some of us enjoy cordials or coffee drinks spiked with a liqueur on New Year's Eve (I know I do!). Here's the scoop on a few popular drinks:

And finally, many of us just want to stick with beer. Here's the list of gluten-free beers (including some that are pretty widely available), plus a list of beer alternatives:

Whatever you do tonight, stay safe. Best wishes for a wonderful, prosperous and gluten-free 2014!

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