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Jane Anderson

How Do You Feel Today?

By December 26, 2013

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Did you get glutened yesterday?

If so, I know just how you feel today -- your stomach and abdomen likely hurt (possibly quite badly), you probably have diarrhea or constipation (maybe along with reflux or heartburn), and you almost certainly have brain fog. You may not have slept well last night (or you had nightmares), and today your head and your joints ache.

If you're susceptible to them, your gluten exposure may have triggered a migraine or some nasty skin symptoms.

Yup, getting glutened is no fun at all.

There's no way to stop this reaction once it starts (I wish there was!), but these articles may help you find some relief:

Some people find that the worst symptom of a glutening is fatigue. If you're having trouble functioning today, here's how to deal specifically with that horrible, tired feeling:

If you did get glutened yesterday, I hope you feel better soon!

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