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Gluten-Free Vodka List - What's Available in Liquor Stores?


Updated June 04, 2014

Gluten-Free Vodka List - What's Available in Liquor Stores?

Despite many pronouncements from various celiac groups stating that distillation removes all the baddies from gluten-grain-based liquor, that stuff has never worked for me. NEVER. So if I want to sip a vodka-and-lemon drink (or something more elaborate that's vodka-based), I need a vodka that didn't start its life out as wheat or rye.

Turns out there are plenty of people besides me who want these alternative vodkas. As I stood staring at the huge display of vodkas in my local liquor store recently, the clerk told me that lots of his customers have been asking for potato-based and grape-based vodkas ... and manufacturers have stepped up to provide some really interesting alternatives.

I lay them all out (ingredients, opportunities for gluten cross-contamination and all) in my new article: Gluten-Free Vodka List - Vodka Made From Corn, Potatoes and Grapes.

The options range from top-shelf vodkas produced in limited quantities to commonly available spirits you'll find well-represented on your local liquor store shelves, so you shouldn't have any problem finding one or more to try.

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