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Celiac and Thyroid Disease Often Go Hand in Hand

By July 13, 2011

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Did you know that if you have celiac disease, your odds of having thyroid disease are greater, too?

It's not clear why this might be so, although it's quite possible that the two conditions -- both of which are autoimmune diseases -- share some sort of genetic origin or biological trigger. At least one medical study suggests that the common trigger is gluten.

But regardless of the reasons for the association, celiac and thyroid disorders appear together often enough that you should be aware of the possibility of thyroid problems if you have celiac, and stay alert to any signs of a developing thyroid condition.

I outline more research on celiac disease and thyroid disorders, along with some of the common symptoms of autoimmune thyroid disease, in this article: Why Celiac Disease and Thyroid Disease Often Are Found Together.

Do you have both celiac and thyroid disease? If so, which was diagnosed first? Did your thyroid condition improve after you went gluten-free? Tell your story in the Comments section below.

July 14, 2011 at 7:45 pm
(1) Doug says:

October, 2001. Doctors jammed predisone, oral chemo down my throat for 2 yrs. Had laporscopy, exploratory surgery, diagnosed liver cancer. 7 days later, Mayo clinic rediagnosed hyper-eosiniphilic syndrome. My eos were 42%. Hence, the steriods. Who heard of gluten-free around 2000. Blood test every 30 days. Anemic. Avascular neucrosis of right hip, surgery, wheel chair for 4 mnths – changed diet to celiac. Volume of blood dramatically went up. Noticed similiarities to celiac. Winged off steriods, ouch. Lost all hair and finger nails prior, so I was willing to eat lava rocks, or bird feathers. I am sensitive to Gluten, Eggs, Cow milk, and any Wheat. It’s not what you eat, it’s what you absorb. My mom died of non-hodgkins lymph. and thyroid disease. (Look up in “Dangerous Grains”, Hoggan and Braley.) 5 yrs later, accidental ingest of flour tortilla. My head didn’t pop off. Started eating toast with jam or honey. I know bad bad. One trip golfing, horrible game. Went home, back on diet. Month later, same. Noticed hand-eye coordination suffered. We know our bodies. Stay on diet.

Celiac/News on MSN, read the #1 tennis player in world sited similar coordination woes. Imagine if our children were not eating offending foods. Obviously affects the brain, mind body functions as well. Lets band together against ignorance, and help those innocent children. The older ones set in their ways, like my family, who say I am crazy – maybe I am. (Please excuse any spelling errors) Not to mention, this story is in abstract to keep you from falling asleep.


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