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Looking for Gluten-Free Corn Flakes? There Are Some Out There

By May 20, 2011

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Newly gluten-free people seem to search for safe corn flakes more often than almost any other cereal. Many people new to the diet also get tripped up (in some cases, badly) by corn flakes that aren't gluten-free -- if you're still on a gluten-free diet learning curve, you may not realize that "malt flavoring" in the ingredients list means gluten.

There are gluten-free corn flakes out there. They don't taste exactly like your old favorites, but some people say they like these versions even better. And there are other gluten-free cold cereal options that you may come to enjoy as much or even more as those malt-sweetened corn flakes.

Of course, there's a third possibility: Kellogg's is due to introduce gluten-free Rice Krispies next month, and if that launch goes well, it's entirely possible that the cereal giant will decide to convert some of its other favorites (such as Kellogg's Corn Flakes) to gluten-free status. The gluten-free market is growing dramatically, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if that occurred.

May 22, 2011 at 1:20 am
(1) Nancy Lapid says:

I’ve often used Nature’s Path corn flakes when recipes call for bread crumbs. I put the corn flakes in a zip lock bag and crush them. (Or I find a kid to crush them for me. Kids love this assignment.) They do not have to be crushed really fine to work — even relatively coarse pieces substitute well for bread crumbs.

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