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Can Eating Gluten-Free Help You with Your Eczema Treatment?

By November 8, 2010

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As the weather gets colder, celiacs and non-celiacs who suffer from eczema find that the itchy, scaly skin condition worsens. Eczema treatment usually involves topical corticosteroids, and (in severe cases) systemic steroids.

But did you know that some cases of eczema respond to the gluten-free diet?

Eczema is about three times more common in people with celiac disease than in the general population, and relatives of celiacs have about twice the risk of the skin condition as the general population, indicating a potential genetic link between celiac and eczema.

The gluten-free diet isn't a cure-all eczema treatment; not everyone responds, celiac or not. But according to one study, it provided "dramatic and persisting relief" from the itch and inflammation of eczema for some patients.

As for me, I've stopped being surprised at the many different conditions that the gluten-free diet potentially can treat.

November 13, 2010 at 11:38 am
(1) nonprofit says:

In that study patients getting dramatic and persisting relief” from the itch and inflammation of eczema for some patients, I was wondering how big was the group and what was the time frame?

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